Gnasher Update: Pro Israel activists caught in far-right group

It has recently come to light that David Collier amongst other well known Pro Israel activists, have been part of an extremist group called Jewish Defence Forces on Facebook. Mingling with the so-called Pro Israel Social Media stars are far-right activists such as Roberta Moore ex of EDL/JDL/Meir Kahane fan and Paul Besser ex of Britain First, pictured below with Tommy Robinson, Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding.

Members of JDF who accept the worrying rhetoric of their pinned post

Other activists include, Richard Millett (now involved in a court dispute with Corbyn over semantics) and Jonathan Hoffman (consultant to the bizarre Labour Against AS group), convicted of assault against a Palestinian activist at a demo along with Damon Lenszner, also a group member.

Simon Cobbs, Co-Chair of Sussex friends of Israel also makes an appearance.


Millett and Hoffman are pictured below with Moore and Besser at various protests.

Here below, posted at the top of the group, are the racist accusations by the Admin, attempting to delegitimise the Palestinians in its first post:


The group denies the existence of Palestinians as an entity and ethnic group but these same people demand Palestinians (who apparently don’t exist) to recognise the ‘existence’ of Israel. It obviously exists.

The Jewish Defence Forces group Admin is Prof. Mordechai Kedar. Kedar gained notoriety for a much objected to speech in which he said that ‘Israeli soldiers would be justified in raping Palestinian girls’. With him in this group is Roberta Moore who ran the Jewish Division of the EDL until she was kicked out for being ‘too extreme’. Jonathan Hoffman and Damon Lenszner are well-known criminals convicted at Hendon Magistrates for physical offences against two female protestors, one of whom was a Palestinian Christian. Paul Besser was one-time ‘Intelligence Officer’ for the racist Britain First group. Martin Hizer, a cab-driver by trade is the link between the extremists associated with Collier/Hoffman, and the EDL/Football Lads Alliance. Seen below with James Goddard, convicted for public order offences against Anna Soubry MP.


We are not in the least surprised to find this out due to the company Collier has kept in the past. See below.

What is more disturbing is that Winston Pickett (seen here on the Far-Right), the one-time in-house Director of Communications with the Board of Deputies goes on frequent briefing trips abroad with these people. We will be asking the Board of Deputies what they think of one of their members accompanying this far-right group and expect them to condemn the association.


Winston’s partner is Fiona Sharpe, co founder of Sussex friends of Israel, spokesperson for Labour Against Antisemitism, who also unbelievably sits on the CPS Hate Crime panel for Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire and yet has been involved in engaging with antisemitic parodies on Twitter.

Really shocking is that the Labour Party accepted Mr Collier’s reports and allowed him, John Arnott and Ambrosine Shitrit to be party members.

We were also recently saddened to find out that David’s daughter is off to the IDF and no doubt this was influenced by her father’s politics. We implore her not to go and join the dangerous occupation of Palestine so reinforcing the subjugation of those occupied and putting her own life in danger. Something that David was so against in regards to Syria re Shamima Begum. Also, somebody’s daughter influenced by ideologues.

The Left Phoenix wholly condemns this group.

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