Exclusive: More Gnasher operatives revealed. Part 2

Following on from the extraordinary bad faith political attack by John Arnott @JC4P45 where he outed himself as the owner and drive behind Gnasherjew®, while attempting to silence the Left Wing group Labour Left Voice. We uncover more of the main players in this, one of the worst and most destructive political troll networks ever seen online.

Ray Baker @laughingdevil1

Super-Doxxer: Responsible for the (alleged Antisemitism) map which targets only Pro Corbyn Lefties.

Unlike the Gnasher trolls, we like to use public open source posts which provide the evidence for themselves. We do not believe in bad faith actions, photo-shopping and omissions to prove things either.. We present our evidence forensically below.

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Ray Baker has used information from @LabourAgainstAS (whose operators are members of the Labour Party), the extremist thugs at SfoI and John Arnott’s team at Gnasher to populate a map with the exact location (including street names) of fellow Labour members homes and in some cases Members of Parliament, putting their safety in danger on the word of a group of right-wing nationalist extremists. This brings Labour into disrepute and once again we call on Jennie Formby to proscribe ‘Labour Against AS’.

Ray (who isn’t Jewish himself) has also unbelievably placed Jewish people on the map too, so if you think his main aim is to protect Jewish people, think again.


He has however, been extremely helpful in enlightening us as to his true motivations (see photo below right) which not only states it is politically motivated but that he interfered in local council elections in order to damage candidates’ electability.

This guide Electoral Commission Guidance for Candidates publishes the rules of conduct expected during election campaigns which Ray probably should have read before he churned out his inciteful map – putting elected officials, women and Jewish people in danger from attacks by the far-right is never a good look.

Talking of the far-right, shall we include the Nazi Salute tab Ray accidentally left on one of his ‘pieces of evidence’…


But why stop there Ray.. How about some racist Jew punning for good measure.. Something you just love to chastise others over..


One quick look around the pins on the map and a pattern starts to emerge. Ray has basically just chucked any ‘barmy old cack’ on it by his mates and/or their extended network in the media. There is absolutely no explanation of any method or collection of data at all. It’s mildly embarrassing as a ‘great work’. Which it very much isn’t.

He has attempted to justify as so…


Ray, what you mean is you have used secondary evidence in most cases that were passed to you already heavily altered by propagandists and the people you have put at risk have had no right of reply. Well Ray. This blog entry is being undertaken for journalistic purposes and is very much in the public interest for anyone affected by your reckless act. So consider this largely exempt too.

Dear Reader, please check if you are on the map and contact the ICO if you have any concerns. You can make a complaint here – Just ask Ray what justification he has, how he collected the data and where it’s held. Tell him he has four calendar weeks to respond then send off your complaint to the ICO whether he replies or not.


A number of people have reported Ray to the police and ICO so we will update you with any news on these actions as soon as we hear anything back.

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