Conservative John Arnott, revealed as owner of GnasherJew®, maliciously attacks Labour Left Voice in a desperate bid to silence them…

For our regular followers, people will know that within the last six months, the Labour Left Voice Twitter account has been suspended twice without notice. In June we had no notification, then after an appeal we were reinstated as no reason found. Make of that what you will.

1st sus

In October around a week ago we were suspended yet again without notification. After many emails, a week later we were notified that it was due to a Trademark dispute but without any further information.


According to Twitter rules as follows:


As Twitter has already had a notice of pre-action over the abuse it allows towards our Labour Left Voice convenor and group, it’s probably wise to check the accuser and in this case, it turned out to be our main political rival/super-stalker John Arnott (Twitter user @JC4P45), owner it now transpires of Gnasherjew®. This came to light the previous day after Twitter user @drivkraftgud (Simon Shulman) sent a counter-notice to our copyright claim for this image below:


Here is the full notice…

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Within the notice is the IPO link below which clearly shows that John Arnott, owner of Gnasherjew® now a notorious harasser of Left-wing Labour members (as exposed by the artist formerly known as Labour Left Voice) has vexatiously trademarked the LLV round logo and name.

Unfortunately for John, he has admitted to creating the logo from scratch which contravenes the design registered in June:


…whereby no element of the design can be remade. LLV was forced to register their main logo after Arnott’s gang threatened to do it. (see below harassment during May and June).

But what was an unexpected surprise was that he had also Trademarked the Gnasherjew logo in October quite clearly out of paranoia fed by his own actions. If you feel like bringing legal action towards John’s services then feel free as he has handily given you his contact details within the IPO link.

The abuse and attempts to steal our brand during May and June 2019 is documented below.

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The notice from @drivkraftgud revealed his name as a ‘Ben Nahum’ who apparently lives at Sally’s business address which is news to all of us. In fact he has perjured himself. Twitter of course has been notified of this. We’ve heard of ‘Ben’ before actually as he is one of Gnasher’s team who likes to e-mail employers with defamatory tripe about Lefties. The copyright of the logos belongs to the original designer and nobody else.

Another twist to this tale is that Ben Nahum is associated with the notorious Corben_UK account which was sent in by the Gnasher network to infiltrate LLV posing as a 17 year old. Not only has this person perjured themselves above but its collection of private data which broke GDPR rules can now be attributed to the same case of stalking.

Here’s @drivkraftgud in action:


But ‘Ben Driv’.. you have mysteriously morphed yet again from an ‘Araz Behruz’ using the same email sent to us directly the day before. Are you a little bit mixed up? We aim to find out just who you are using a cyber security firm.

Araz Behruz

We asked who this person was and said we won’t be pressing on the link thanks – no reply it just resent the strange message. When we got the counter copyright notice from ‘Ben’ the next day about his caravan photo from the same e-mail, we replied to the Araz email and laid out our grounds to invalidate Arnott’s vexatious IPO claim, this was its reply… The ‘reprehensible’ bit was a giveaway and we’ll be following that up.

our replyreply Araz

The very worrying aspect of this interaction is the total belief that this person is in the right, with a disturbing sense of entitlement, our main political opponents have carried out intellectual property theft because they were losing the narrative. Warned many times what would happen exactly? A right-wing extremist stalker would steal our Trademark? Is that the punishment against Lefties with a Voice these days? Bizarre. We thought at least 50 lashes.

So just to put the record straight and show you just how much Gnasher trolls (that includes Labour Against Antisemitism) lie. Not once have we been suspended for antisemitism or racism in this account. We also weren’t mentioned in the CST Engine of Hate report either. Stuff that up your jumpers.

We now have to rebrand and we are asking for donations to help us. The cost will be £500 and can be donated below. We will then trademark before relaunching. We are currently working to resolve the situation with Twitter.

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Goodbye Gnasher.. it’s been electric

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